Episode Five Synopsis - Champagne Dandyflop

A new rivalry threatens Quincy Bonobo's dominance  - this time with the ladies: 

A new host arrives at The Bizarro Channel. He's a cocky French rabbit named Champagne Dandyflop. He's a suave, silver-tongued charmer with a secret sex potion (male enhancement elixir) that he wants to sell on the channel. 

It's called "Beaucoup Bosse".  (English translation: "Hump-a-lot")

Episode begins with Quincy calling in a sicky at work because he's in bed with a sexy lady from the previous night's kinky action. He's having pillow talk with this lady when he starts bragging about how he's a big star on the Bizarro Channel. She wants to watch it... of course, he proudly obliges:

He turns on the TV to show her.

Big Surprise! He sees this new rabbit (Champagne Dandyfop) hosting a Bizarro Channel TV Promo.


"Who's this clown? No one told me about this!"


"Oh I like him - he's handsome - lovely ears"


Quincy's pride has been popped. His face drops and he curls his lip like he's sulking.

We cut to a hilariously over-the top 30 sec PROMO featuring the rabbit (This will show some backstory of Champagne)

Champagne's pitching the secret "male enhancement potion" like the Extenze ads.

Later in the day...

Quincy is hiding out in the basement with Swiggidy. Getting high, watching TV, sulking and stuffing his face with munchies.

As they watch the Bizarro Channel,  there's a hilariously unprofessional ad featuring Quincy selling Scotch where it's very apparent he's just phoning it in... drunk and raucous.

It then CUTS TO: 

Champagne Dandyfop's super slick razzmatazz show: complete contrast.

The show begins and Champagne comes bounding on to the set with the swagger of a real cad.

The crowd are hooting and hollering. They love him.

The suave Rabbit is selling a "secret sex potion" for men.

(This is how he's so successful with the ladies)

Intercut with Quincy's derogatory comments and amusing criticism. 

All the primates on the island are immediately duped into buying Beaucoup Bosse because they believe that anything French is quality and sophisticated.

Quincy is in denial of this threat until he discovers that his nurse Honey Quimly has agreed to go on a date with Champagne Dandyflop...  
This stirs Quincy into action and he turns to Yizuka and his keen detective skills to find out the truth about this mysterious rabbit.