Episode Six - Synopsis - Old School vs Nu Skool

Nurse Quimly, Swiggidy and Dr Q Hawkins have all been keeping a secret from Quincy Bonobo. They all made a pact and agreed that it's in his own best interest not to know...

In this episode, the secret gets out...

Quincy Bonobo yearns for a time when fondue, tennis and Cognac ruled the social scene.  He is a playboy from the 1970s when feathered-haired chicks wore fur coats and no bra...  and seductive foreplay meant blowing smoke in her face.  Not surprisingly, the women of that carefree, mustache-accepting decade were noticeably more tolerant of his chauvinistic ways than todays new age women.

In contrast, Stinkyfinger is impossibly hip - to the point of being a fashion victim. He has a Segway, listens to Reggaeton and buys all the latest webcam iGadgets. All his strippers have botox and implants... 

Stinkyfinger overhears Swiggidy talking about Quincy's big secret - and discovers that Quincy has never heard of the... internet!

Stinkyfinger quickly realizes knowledge is power - he knows Quincy is a sex-addict and if Quincy Bonobo discovers internet porn...  his power and influence will be over and no amount of libido medication will drag Quincy away from the bottomless mine of internet pornography.

Meanwhile, on the Bizarro Channel - Raspi Calaka is selling DVDs of the Schwarz Island gay-pride march. Raspi has realized how lucrative the "pink dollar" can be... When Quincy Bonobo sees the video footage he is completely bamboozled and somebody has to slowly explain the concept of homosexuality to him. Of course, Quincy being an old school gent feels incredibly threatened and decides to organize his own Hetero Pride March through Schwarz Island. He holds a "Bushmeat" sign and rides atop a float in the shape of a vagina.