Episode Seven - Synopsis - Tea with The Queen

Quincy hears from Yiuzka that the Queen’s private jet is due a stop-off to refuel on Schwarz Island on the way to Australia. Meanwhile Raspi has invested all of Quincy’s money in a new Sushi restaurant.
Business is slow. Seems like a really bad idea.
The Queens plane touches down. Everyone has organized a huge Schwarz Island welcoming party. Quincy and Stinkyfinger tussle each other for prime spot to meet her.
Quincy hijacks the Queens plane and insists he take the Queen for dinner. Hospitality… Quincy Bonobo style.
He and Yizuka drive her to Quincy’s new Sushi restaurant.
Quincy puts on all the airs and graces. Trying to impress.
Quincy being Quincy he decides to have the craziest thing on the menu, which turns out to be a super potent rare strain of an ancient aphrodisiac fish called “Unagi”

The Japanese waiter makes a big deal about how he should be careful of eating so much Unagi but Quincy ignores his warnings. Like everything – he goes to excess and eats it until he’s sick.

While schmoozing the Queen – he complains of a stomach upset.
The UNAGI kicks in suddenly and violently (which acts like a natural Viagra)
He goes “Bonobo” - his tuxedo splits and he can’t hide his huge truncheon from the Queen and her guards.
The other side effect of Unagi is that it gives him terrible wind/flatulence. So he’s farcically bounding around the restaurant farting and knocking over expensive vases and antique paintings with his “truncheon”.
The Queens’ entourage watch in horror. Tea is spilled, crumpets are dropped and monocles pop out in shock.