Quincy Bonobo - Gigolo Magnifico! The Adventures of a Superhero Space Ape

The Quincy Bonobo Show.
Created & Developed by Simon Victor
WGA Registration No: 1333877

Production Studio:
Simon Victor Films

Animation Director,
Storyboard & Character Artist on The Simpsons (1990-2008)

Set amid a tropical backdrop of cold war espionage on a Dr.Moreau type island, The Quincy Bonobo Show is a cheeky satire on male ego and sexuality.


Quincy Bonobo is an old-school playboy, a charming rogue with a taste for the finer things in life.

His legion of female admirers refer to him as: Double "Oh" Bonobo...

Being a Bonobo ape - he is cursed with the kind of rampant libido that would drive an ordinary man to insanity.

Before 1960, the Russians didn't have a word for "Charisma"... until they discovered Quincy Bonobo.

Now retired from the cosmonaut space academy he lives on Schwarz Island...

Schwarz Island

Schwarz Island is an abandoned enclave in the broad Pacific. 
A sun-drenched locale of calypso macabre.

Schwarz Island was a secret outpost for the Russian Space Agency - used for genetic engineering of test flight primates during the cold war space race. 

Now forgotten, the island is run by a chaotic hierarchy of mutant creatures.
The alpha male of these creatures is Quincy Bonobo - former superstar space ape turned TV celebrity.


During the Soviet space race of the Cold War, the USSR planned to genetically engineer super-chimps and Bonobo apes to go into space, so desperate they were to beat the Americans to the moon. 

In 1960, the KGB kidnapped Bonobo zoologist Ernst Schwarz, and colonized a secret island in the pacific ocean.

Since then, the Military space program has been reduced and the space race forgotten – the island is now virtually deserted.

Stinkyfinger - arch nemesis of Quincy Bonobo

Blojab Stinkyfinger grew up with Quincy Bonobo in the KGB space academy. They were both in the landing capsule when it touched down on the moon. 
However, Blojab got his finger caught in the waste disposal chute and had to watch Quincy Bonobo get all the fame.  

While Quincy milked his fame throughout the 70s media - Blojab contracted a ferocious fungal infection on his finger and spent years as a social outcast. Frequent references are made to his index finger being so stinky it can kill a man at 10 paces and pickle a jar of eggs in 5 seconds.

Since then, Blojab has become known as Stinkyfinger - an inept megalomaniac now living on the other side of Schwarz Island. He runs a deformed stripclub called Stinky's Pinky on the edge of a dormant volcano and uses his mutant dancers to entice Quincy into situations of shame and sleaze.

Quincy's rampant libido often causes him to run up a hefty tab at Stinkyfinger's club The Stinky Pinky .
Stinkyfinger is driven by jealousy and comically resentful of Quincy Bonobo.

The Stinky Pinky Cabaret Club

Stinkyfinger's club is where the libidinous males of Schwarz Island go to meet the female of the species, not realizing that all the mutant vixens there are vacuous gold diggers with thighs like tug boats and morals that would surprise a zoo animal.

Gorbachov & Goomba are the bumbling henchmen at The Stinky Pinky. 

They generally use brute force, follow orders and carry out Stinkyfinger's dirty work.

Chopya Balzov:
Stinkyfinger's main concubine is Chopya Balzov. She is an exiled KGB operative now imprisoned on the island.

The Medusa Twins:

These Siamese twin sisters are attached at the hip but have two very different personalities. Cobra and Anaconda's burlesque show is the most popular attraction at The Stinky Pinky.

Nurse Honey Quimly

Quincy lives in a mansion which he calls MI6.
It is a cross between a millionaire's party home and a mental asylum. Quincy lives there with an entourage of other apes who all suffer from various mental and physical afflictions caused by years of genetic experimentation by the KGB.

Honey Quimly lives at MI6 and works as Quincy's personal nurse and secretary. She is sweet and naive but very moral. She's the only female on the island Quincy Bonobo hasn't seduced. For reasons that bamboozle Quincy, she seems to be impervious to his charms. Because of this, she has a subtle maternal power over him. 
She insists that Quincy Bonobo is a sex addict and will only grow through therapy. Quincy reluctantly agrees to take medication and attend group sessions with the other apes. Quincy calls these sessions the cuckoo's nest and likes to be as disruptive as possible.


Yizuka - Schwarz Island Police Chief

Schwarz Island is lawless except for one black panther and his two nephews who try to enforce the law and keep the poo-slinging chaos to a minimum.

Yizuka is the Schwarz Island Police Chief.
He's a panther cat who drives an old KGB cruiser - one of the only vehicles left still running on Schwarz Island. 

He patrols the island with the eye of a keen detective but usually ends up being Quincy’s chauffeur due to the lack of any serious crime. Yizuka often turns a blind eye to Quincy’s bad behavior and helps him out of sticky situations.

Supporting Characters

Quincy's friends include:

Dr Q Hawkins - an old crippled chimp with a super-brain. He invents gadgets in the basement of Mi6 and is working on the secret of time-travel.

Swiggidy - A lazy stoner orangutan who mostly stays on the couch and watches TV. He is immature and somewhat sweetly naive; he lives vicariously through Quincy.

Wazim - an arms dealing Afghan lamb with a trigger finger. Quincy sometimes employees him as a bodyguard. 

Raspi Calaka

Quincy's Career & Fame

Quincy is now a TV personality and works as the main anchor on the island's only TV station.

As well as being the news anchor he is also a pitch-man for various sponsored products whilst also presenting a Dr. Phil type talk show where he dispenses his own unique advice on sex and relationships.

The TV channel has a monopoly on the island's media and often features badly produced local news items, chat shows, music videos and infomercials.

Although popular on the island as a TV personality, Quincy Bonobo has always had aspirations to be a film actor.
However, his acting is more wooden than Roger Moore in a lumber yard.


Quincy Hosting TV Show - Sample Script

This 3 page script illustrates the style of comedy that features Quincy Bonobo hosting a TV Show on Schwarz Island.
Here, he is promoting a product called "The Baby Bullet"

Click on each page image to enlarge:

Episode One Synopsis - Quincy Lives Twice

Quincy’s arch nemesis, Blojab Stinkyfinger discovers that his
favorite concubine, Chopya Balzov is sleeping with Quincy Bonobo.

In a jealous rage, he orders his henchmen to find Quincy and kill

Meanwhile, Quincy’s manager and owner of the island's TV station - Raspi Calaka has discovered a prototype of a brand new revolutionary sex robot from Japan.

Being a greedy capitalist - Raspi plans to sell them on the TV Channel and make millions from all the sex-crazed apes on the island.
When Stinkyfinger hears about this, he hatches a brilliantly cunning plan to sabotage the shipment of robots and thus prevent his strip club from losing business from the very lucrative Schwarz Island sex-industry.

Later.. Gorbachov and Goomba find Quincy in bed with Chopya Balzov and, in a cliffhanging moment at the end of Act One - they appear to shoot Quincy dead and recapture Stinkyfinger's No.1 concubine.

News gets out on the island that "Schwarz Island's prodigal son & Superstar Space Ape" Quincy Bonobo has been murdered. A funeral is held and mass mourning ensues across the island.

In Act Two we discover that the untouchable Quincy has escaped this fatal scene and faked his own death to evade the wrath of Stinkyfinger.

Raspi Calaka then persuades Quincy to make his Jesus-like resurrection on The Channel and pitch the sex robots to the island's Bonobo apes. Sensing even greater fame and attention, Quincy Bonobo agrees to host this momentous show and get the opportunity to see this much talked about sex-robot.

The only flaw in this grand plan is that when Quincy finally sees the amazingly sexy robot prototype in all its glory – he becomes so aroused that he loses control and “Goes Bonobo” LIVE on TV.

NB - Quincy "Going Bonobo" will be a running gag throughout the series; where he blacks out and transforms into hulk-like primal beast. (This flaw is the main reason he has been assigned a permanent nurse and is given regular medication to suppress his super-ape libido)

In the beginning of ACT 3 - Quincy wakes up in Yizuka's jail, he discovers that Stinkyfinger has rigged the robots with a fatal weiner-frying mechanism and are now killer robots that could cause a very nasty weiner massacre on Schwarz Island.

Quincy and Yizuka then hatch a plan to break into the Stinky Pinky and
destroy the robots before they get out into the hands of the
island’s citizens.


Episode Two Synopsis - One Swung Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Live on air during his show on News Channel Sex, Quincy gets arrested.

Blojab Stinkyfinger has sued Quincy Bonobo and gotten an arbitration court to commit him to a mental institution for psychological analysis as punishment for blowing up The Stinky Pinky in Episode One.

Yizuka, the Schwarz Island police chief reluctantly and apologetically handcuffs Quincy and takes him to the mental institution.

When he gets there, he gets "clockwork oranged" by the robotic and emotionless Nurse Batshit.
The resulting brain scan officially diagnoses him as a sociopathic sexual deviant. Forced to wear an unbreakable pair of chastity pants in a padded cell, he manages to make one phone call to the outside world... he speaks to Honey Quimly at Mi6 and has to persuade her to break in to the asylum and rescue him.

This conversation sees Quincy have to swallow his pride and admit to Honey Quimly that he needs her. She uses this opportunity to have him promise that he will change his womanizing ways and try to become a better person. She also gets him to agree that Feminism is an actual movement of real and worthwhile women and definitely NOT just "a ridiculous and futile mission made up by angry dykes with hairy armpits that smell like two yeasty cats in a pissing contest"

During his stay in the asylum, he befriends all of the wackos and nutjobs and leads a rebellion against Nurse Batshit - just like Randal McMurphy.


Episode Three - The Mermaid's Medallion // Full Episode Screenplay Beats

ACT 1: 
S1: Quincy is on air, selling cocktail blenders (in the shape of Goomba) to the masses. Much to Stinkyfinger's annoyance - Goomba has struck a deal with Raspi Calaka to sell his image rights for the design of this new product. "The Goomblitzer" is an all-in-one appliance that is particularly adept at mixing and excreting super-strong cocktails in less than a minute. Quincy is hosting the show - knocking back the booze and getting wildly drunk. He's showing signs of fatigue. It is unclear how many splits of banana he has been served... The studio is full of attractive women, allowing Quincy to serve them drinks of their choosing. Drunken, and unable to keep up with the debauchery, the room starts spinning. Quincy blacks out.

S2: Quincy wakes up in MI6, greeted by a concerned Honey Quimly. She explains that he is living life too fast and that his liver is like a shriveled prune. He can't keep up with all the drinking and flirting anymore. Hawkins is there, very distressed at this news. Quincy goes through denial, then gives in and resigns himself to bed rest. Hawkins tries to comfort him, "It's not so bad being immobile." It doesn't help Quincy wants to be left alone. Hawkins, to himself resolves that he will find a way to rejuvenate Quincy.

S3: The new Stinky's Pinky is under construction. Stinkyfinger is upset that it isn't done yet, and he is yelling on the phone with his insurance agency. Apparently he has explosion insurance, but the insurance company are trying to count exploding stripper bots as an "act of God". "No, it was an act of that damned Quincy Bonobo." The agency argues that he has explosion insurance, but not robot insurance, which is what he would need to cover exploding robots. Construction will not be completed for a week, and Stinkyfinger needs a new attraction in order to make up for lost business and to pay reconstruction costs. 

S4: Quincy is delirious in bed. No sex. No drinking. No smoking. All he has is the darkness of his hospital room and the blue glow of the television. Psychedelic imagery. Underwater concepts. the room filling with water. A mermaid Honey Quimly swimming in through the window. approaching him. Swiggidy enters to keep him company, holding a potted pot plant. "It's a pot plant. in a pot. it's so meta." Quincy snaps back to reality. The TV shows a mermaid. Quincy shouts "Devo that!" Swiggidy puts the pot that the plant is in upside-down on the television. "I mean Tivo that!". Hawkins enters, wondering what the commotion is all about. they rewind and pause at a frame of the mermaid. a landmark in the background reveals that she resides off the western coast of Schwarz Island. Quincy has the hots for her. He wants to find her. Hawkins rolls his eyes towards the mermaid's chest, says that that is an ancient medallion said to grant immortality to the wearer. "Yes, Hawkins, she has amazing young perky breasts. We established that a long time ago. Now lets go turn that mermaiden into a mermaid!" But Quimly will be upset. Hawkins helps distract her while Swiggidy and Quincy fetch the sub.

S5: Stinkyfinger is in his office. it is just a rough cube of 2x4s. you can see outdoors. His TV is still taped together, and he is watching the same show, paused on nearly the same frame. "Just what my club needs."

S1: Quincy, Swiggidy, and Hawkins in the sub. Short, snappy back-from-the-commercial scene. Looking for that mermaid. Wait, there is a boat out here. Up periscope. What is stinkyfinger doing here?

S2: Stinkyfinger on the high seas. He is terrified and unable to come out of the house-like area in the center of the steamboat. Flashback to him upon reentry with Quincy. the shuttle falls. falls. speed. acceleration. skin pulling back as beads of sweat trickle along its folds. The capsule hits the water and PLUNGES. deep. deeper. darkness. strange, horrifying sea creatures take notice. Quincy is oblivious. Stinkyfinger is horrified. As the capsule begins to head back to the surface a few large creatures start to follow. The capsule reaches the surface, humans are there to intercept. The hatch is opened and Stinkyfinger is cowering in a corner, shriveled up in a ball around the toilet, hand stuck. Back on deck in the present, Stinkyfinger rolls out onto the deck on a segway. Gorbachov can barely hold back laughter. Stinkyfinger explains that it makes him feel like he is on land. Goomba starts jumping up and down, pointing out the periscope. The sub is spotted. Stinkyfinger segways over, punches out the glass, and jams his pinky into the hole. 

Truck down the length of periscope, following the gas to:

S3: Quincy's sub, right below. Swiggidy is already coughing. The sub is filling up with noxious gas. Alarms go off. struggle. desperation. They have to surface to open the hatch to get fresh air. It surfaces.

S4: Stinkyfinger and crew open the sub. only Hawkins wheelchair is there. Stinkyfinger orders Gorbachov and Goomba underwater. Gorbachov says that they aren't waterproof. Only Stinkyfinger can go. He stares at the water apprehensively from the safety of his segway.

S5: Underwater, out the bottom airlock, Quincy is scuba diving. Hawkins is strapped to Swiggidy's back. In the midst of escape, they notice something. A fin disappearing behind a rock. The mermaid. They find her. Quincy is enamored. he approaches her. Stylized romantic imagery. They are about to embrace, about to kiss when suddenly a whoosh is seen. Stinkyfinger flies by, riding his segway underwater, scooping up the mermaid in a net. With a diving knife, he cuts Hawkins free. Hawkins starts plummeting into the abyss. Quincy shouts to Swiggidy to save Hawkins, but he is too busy holding sea shells up to his nipples. Quincy looks up at the mermaid ascending, then at Hawkins descending. He considers, then dives. Similar imagery to Stinkyfinger's flashback. eventually, he catches up to Hawkins and they begin to resurface. 

S6: On board the odiferous digit, Stinkyfinger puts the mermaid in a tank and takes notice of her pendant. he plucks it from her and puts it on because it is some totally sweet hipster bling. Gorbachov acknowledges that is the immortality medallion. "How sure are you, Gorbachov?" "I'm pretty sure." "Are you sure enough to kick me in the balls?" "Sir?" "I mean, if it does what you say it will, I won't feel a thing." "I don't know if I'm comfortable doing that." "HAHAHA! I am invincible!!!!!" The steamboat approaches Schwarz harbor.

ACT 3:

S1: Our heroes are back in their sub, ready to give chase. They torpedo the steamboat, putting a large crack in the side. Throughout the scene the crack widens, the boat is about to split in two. They are able to board. The fighting begins. Quincy fights Stinkyfinger. Hawkins fights Gorbachov by ramming into him. Swiggidy chills with Goomba. "Look out, Quincy! He has the medallion!" "It seems to be the source of his inflated confidence." The two are evenly matched. Stinkyfinger knocks Quincy down. He is showing signs of wear and tear, like at the studio. As stinkyfinger strikes, Quincy kicks the medallion, breaking it. "Huh. Who would have thought that something that grants immortality would be so fragile."  The boat snaps in half. both ends stay afloat. Stinkyfinger and Co are on the engine side. Stinkyfinger holds his pinky under the steamwheel, accelerating their escape. He hits a button on a remote control, draining the water from the mermaid's tank. she is drowning on the deck of the ship. Hawking is out of his wheelchair from the fight, can't get up. He is about to fall off the edge of the ship. This time Swiggidy grabs Hawking while Quincy grabs the mermaid. Swiggidy hope into the sub with Hawkins. Quincy stands atop the sub, half submerged. holding the mermaid romantically in front of a sunset. Quincy, pondering her fin: "So, baby. how does this work?" She makes a funny face. An egg pops out. "UGHHHHH! Gross!" He drops her. He enters the sub, muttering about what a waste the whole thing was...


Episode Four Synopsis - Vasterbotten RoboSux

Blojab Stinkyfinger announces the grand opening of the brand new bigger, better and bawdier Stinky Pinky Stripclub. He organizes a huge party with loads of paparazzi. Due to a restraining order, Quincy Bonobo is forbidden from being within 100ft of the establishment and misses out on the big party. 

Egged on by Swiggidy (who is cutting his hair like a barber at the time) - Quincy Bonobo writes Stinkyfinger an anonymous letter from a "fan" detailing all of Stinkyfingers physical flaws. 

As a result, Stinkyfinger develops a vanity issue and becomes overly concerned with his body image. 

The next morning, whilst watching the Bizarro Channel, Stinkyfinger sees an advertisement for medical trials testing new make-up products for chimps.. wanting to be on the cutting edge of fashion and change his appearance - he volunteers to be the first volunteer. 
Meanwhile, Raspi Calaka - the shopping TV mogul has ordered a brand new product to be sold on The Bizarro Channel.

It's called the "Vasterbotten RoboSux" - an ingenious device especially designed for apes and monkeys so that they can trim their unruly body hair. Designed around a vacuum device that sucks away the thick, smelly hair - the new product will be a big hit on Schwarz Island.

Quincy is hosting his show and pitching the new product - personally demonstrating the device on his own unruly stomach fur when he discovers that the "The RoboSux" nozzle sucks a little too nicely around his loins and he begins to lose control of his primal forces.

As the device drifts south and the pleasure begins - once again, Quincy "Goes Bonobo" live on television and his "self-indulgence" causes another terrifying commotion in the studios.

Later, in the cosmetics lab - we see Blojab Stinkyfinger in horrendous effeminate make-up being checked by a scientist for any negative reactions. Attached to his head are contraptions to read the physical and psychological effects. Through this machine we get a glimpse into his strange and lurid mind. He hallucinates that he's in a wild and sexy fashion shoot and he starts "vogue-ing" - working it hard and throwing some shapes in his little yellow jumpsuit. 

Episode Five Synopsis - Champagne Dandyflop

A new rivalry threatens Quincy Bonobo's dominance  - this time with the ladies: 

A new host arrives at The Bizarro Channel. He's a cocky French rabbit named Champagne Dandyflop. He's a suave, silver-tongued charmer with a secret sex potion (male enhancement elixir) that he wants to sell on the channel. 

It's called "Beaucoup Bosse".  (English translation: "Hump-a-lot")

Episode begins with Quincy calling in a sicky at work because he's in bed with a sexy lady from the previous night's kinky action. He's having pillow talk with this lady when he starts bragging about how he's a big star on the Bizarro Channel. She wants to watch it... of course, he proudly obliges:

He turns on the TV to show her.

Big Surprise! He sees this new rabbit (Champagne Dandyfop) hosting a Bizarro Channel TV Promo.


"Who's this clown? No one told me about this!"


"Oh I like him - he's handsome - lovely ears"


Quincy's pride has been popped. His face drops and he curls his lip like he's sulking.

We cut to a hilariously over-the top 30 sec PROMO featuring the rabbit (This will show some backstory of Champagne)

Champagne's pitching the secret "male enhancement potion" like the Extenze ads.

Later in the day...

Quincy is hiding out in the basement with Swiggidy. Getting high, watching TV, sulking and stuffing his face with munchies.

As they watch the Bizarro Channel,  there's a hilariously unprofessional ad featuring Quincy selling Scotch where it's very apparent he's just phoning it in... drunk and raucous.

It then CUTS TO: 

Champagne Dandyfop's super slick razzmatazz show: complete contrast.

The show begins and Champagne comes bounding on to the set with the swagger of a real cad.

The crowd are hooting and hollering. They love him.

The suave Rabbit is selling a "secret sex potion" for men.

(This is how he's so successful with the ladies)

Intercut with Quincy's derogatory comments and amusing criticism. 

All the primates on the island are immediately duped into buying Beaucoup Bosse because they believe that anything French is quality and sophisticated.

Quincy is in denial of this threat until he discovers that his nurse Honey Quimly has agreed to go on a date with Champagne Dandyflop...  
This stirs Quincy into action and he turns to Yizuka and his keen detective skills to find out the truth about this mysterious rabbit.


Episode Six - Synopsis - Old School vs Nu Skool

Nurse Quimly, Swiggidy and Dr Q Hawkins have all been keeping a secret from Quincy Bonobo. They all made a pact and agreed that it's in his own best interest not to know...

In this episode, the secret gets out...

Quincy Bonobo yearns for a time when fondue, tennis and Cognac ruled the social scene.  He is a playboy from the 1970s when feathered-haired chicks wore fur coats and no bra...  and seductive foreplay meant blowing smoke in her face.  Not surprisingly, the women of that carefree, mustache-accepting decade were noticeably more tolerant of his chauvinistic ways than todays new age women.

In contrast, Stinkyfinger is impossibly hip - to the point of being a fashion victim. He has a Segway, listens to Reggaeton and buys all the latest webcam iGadgets. All his strippers have botox and implants... 

Stinkyfinger overhears Swiggidy talking about Quincy's big secret - and discovers that Quincy has never heard of the... internet!

Stinkyfinger quickly realizes knowledge is power - he knows Quincy is a sex-addict and if Quincy Bonobo discovers internet porn...  his power and influence will be over and no amount of libido medication will drag Quincy away from the bottomless mine of internet pornography.

Meanwhile, on the Bizarro Channel - Raspi Calaka is selling DVDs of the Schwarz Island gay-pride march. Raspi has realized how lucrative the "pink dollar" can be... When Quincy Bonobo sees the video footage he is completely bamboozled and somebody has to slowly explain the concept of homosexuality to him. Of course, Quincy being an old school gent feels incredibly threatened and decides to organize his own Hetero Pride March through Schwarz Island. He holds a "Bushmeat" sign and rides atop a float in the shape of a vagina.


Episode Seven - Synopsis - Tea with The Queen

Quincy hears from Yiuzka that the Queen’s private jet is due a stop-off to refuel on Schwarz Island on the way to Australia. Meanwhile Raspi has invested all of Quincy’s money in a new Sushi restaurant.
Business is slow. Seems like a really bad idea.
The Queens plane touches down. Everyone has organized a huge Schwarz Island welcoming party. Quincy and Stinkyfinger tussle each other for prime spot to meet her.
Quincy hijacks the Queens plane and insists he take the Queen for dinner. Hospitality… Quincy Bonobo style.
He and Yizuka drive her to Quincy’s new Sushi restaurant.
Quincy puts on all the airs and graces. Trying to impress.
Quincy being Quincy he decides to have the craziest thing on the menu, which turns out to be a super potent rare strain of an ancient aphrodisiac fish called “Unagi”

The Japanese waiter makes a big deal about how he should be careful of eating so much Unagi but Quincy ignores his warnings. Like everything – he goes to excess and eats it until he’s sick.

While schmoozing the Queen – he complains of a stomach upset.
The UNAGI kicks in suddenly and violently (which acts like a natural Viagra)
He goes “Bonobo” - his tuxedo splits and he can’t hide his huge truncheon from the Queen and her guards.
The other side effect of Unagi is that it gives him terrible wind/flatulence. So he’s farcically bounding around the restaurant farting and knocking over expensive vases and antique paintings with his “truncheon”.
The Queens’ entourage watch in horror. Tea is spilled, crumpets are dropped and monocles pop out in shock.

Episode Eight - Synopsis - Texas Hold ‘Em

Stinkyfinger and Quincy Bonobo challenge each other to a high stakes poker game at The Stinky Pinky. It is to be shown live on The Bizarro Channel. Raspi Calaka grins in delight as he considers the advertising opportunities. 

A rich Texan oil magnate flies into the island for the game. Stinkyfinger and Quincy get competitive and their betting gets out of control. They bet the whole of Schwarz Island in a 3 way play-off with the Texan. 

The game is a disaster for them and the rich oil magnate wins ownership of Schwarz Island in the show's finale. 

While Quincy and Stinkyfinger argue on live TV over whose fault it was, the Texan makes plans to turn Schwarz Island into a circus theme park. 

A week goes by and tourists have flooded into the island. Life becomes unbearable for all the creatures. Commercialism takes over - Quincy, Stinkyfinger and Swiggidy are caged up in a monkey enclosure and made to perform ridiculous circus tricks. 

Quincy and Stinkyfinger have to make up and work together to save the day and raise enough money to buy back the island.