Nurse Honey Quimly

Quincy lives in a mansion which he calls MI6.
It is a cross between a millionaire's party home and a mental asylum. Quincy lives there with an entourage of other apes who all suffer from various mental and physical afflictions caused by years of genetic experimentation by the KGB.

Honey Quimly lives at MI6 and works as Quincy's personal nurse and secretary. She is sweet and naive but very moral. She's the only female on the island Quincy Bonobo hasn't seduced. For reasons that bamboozle Quincy, she seems to be impervious to his charms. Because of this, she has a subtle maternal power over him. 
She insists that Quincy Bonobo is a sex addict and will only grow through therapy. Quincy reluctantly agrees to take medication and attend group sessions with the other apes. Quincy calls these sessions the cuckoo's nest and likes to be as disruptive as possible.